Little Dragons

470266_165805216880878_1640374715_oOur Little Dragon Program is offered to students as little as 3-5 years of age. Master Graesser provides a fun environment that allows the children to learn the basics of TaeKwonDo allowing children to find how to better develop strength and balance.

A perfect introduction for a young child to learn how to say “Yes Sir”, show respect for their teachers, other students, and themselves.

Students will learn how to sit in a classroom environment and to be still and focus.  Every class is reminded that they are not to punch and kick others.  All students know that kicking or punching another will result in loss of rank.

Children Basic Program

Our Children Basic Program is ideal for our students 5 years or older to develop individual oriented goals and discipline to help them gain confidence to life’s challenges.

Family Program

Our School is a family and community based school.  We have found that our students that enroll as a family accelerate quickly due to the common goal of TKD and the family unity which it provides.



Adult Program

Our Adult Basic course is ideal for the individual that is looking for a higher personal standard.  Goals that range from personal fitness, self defense training, personal achievement, improved health, flexibility, mental attitude.

Black Belt Leadership Program

The Black Belt Leadership Program (BBLP) is designed to accelerate the advancement and the training of highly dedicated students that show a natural ability towards TKD.

Additional Programs

  • Sparring
  • Staff and Weapon Training
  • Private one-on-one lessons