Master Jimmy Graesser

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    • A Highly respected Master with over 34 years of Martial Arts Experience!
    • Over 15 years in the Community!
    • Family Oriented Training!
    • 1992 Olympic / Pan American Team
    • 1992 National championships (Silver)
    • 1994 US Open Gold
    • 1994 Olympic Festival Gold Medal
    • 1998 Winner of a nationally televised Pay-Per-View match.


  • Biography
  • Raised in Ft. Myers Florida, Jimmy Graesser started TaeKwonDo at the age of 11 under the instruction of Master Jung Lee. At 14 Jimmy achieved Black belt and was teaching entire classes at the age of 15.
  • Training at Master Lee’s school, Jimmy went on to win over fifty 1st place sparring awards and thirteen Grand Champion titles at local tournaments. In 1989 Master Lee, Jimmy’s teacher and close friend of 10 years died of liver cancer. This tragedy made training at the old Do Jang too difficult.
  • Olympic Training Center,Colorado Springs Co. was home and training ground for the best TKD fighters in the country. Still hungry to learn Jimmy sold all of his furniture, rented out his house, kissed his family goodbye and moved out to Colorado. Unfortunately people cannot just go to Colorado Springs Co. and expect to train. Having no national record Jimmy was rejected. Forced to sit off to the side of the training hall to take notes for months.
  • After weeks of asking for permission to train with the national champions and Olympians Jimmy was given a chance. Under the direction of Master Sang Lee, Coach Dae Sung Lee and Coach Han Won Lee Jimmy went on to win many medals.
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  • Now that I am finished with competition I have time to focus on my students and teach what I have learned.
    – Jimmy G. Graesser